Original Mona Lisa Photo by Jill Evans on Pexels, edits by the author

Before the cell phone, the telegraph, or even the messenger pigeon, there were men who had no way to ask that girl they saw at Dave’s BBQ Bash, “you up?” These men gave their lives so we could one day send this text.

This text is a work of art so influential it has changed the course of our lives. It has permeated pop culture in a way the Mona Lisa or Shakespeare could only dream of doing.

When they talk about Snow White they say a kiss woke her from death, but the truth is it wasn’t a kiss…

Following the attempted overturn of an American election that has lasted months and climaxed with an attack on the capitol January 6th, many are saying Trump’s time is up. Spoiler alert: they’re wrong — again.

How many times will we predict the end of Trump before we realize it’s a futile exercise?

Trump makes fun of a disabled reporter? This is the end of Trump.

Screencap from ABC News ‘Donald Trump says he wasn’t making fun of reporter’s disability’

Trump makes no attempt to stop Russia’s interference in our elections? This is the end of Trump.

Trump calls neo-nazi’s very fine people? This is the end of Trump.

Trump tells proud boys to ‘stand…

What I learned about alcoholism through my struggle with sexuality

Photo by christopher lemercier on Unsplash

“That must have been scary” she said. The look on her face spelled concern.

I didn’t think it was scary. I was just having fun. Everyone did this, right? There’s nothing to be scared of. I don’t know why her concern made me feel so agitated but it did. I guess it revealed the things I thought were a normal part of life were just the opposite.

I was explaining how much I used to drink.

“I’d black out two or three times a week,” I’d said. …


A story of betrayal and defeat

Photo by Gratisography on Pexels

I want to start off by saying I’m over it. I’ve moved on. I mean, it was 3 years ago. If I still cared about it, I’d be talking about it and I’m not talking about it so clearly I’m over it.

That being said — I do want to ask, why?

It was an 8 hour flight, and you used the bathroom twice. Fine. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s a modest amount of bathroom use. It was my job as your aisle seat counterpart to allow you access to the bathrooms.

The problem is that you decided to…

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

I’ll just have one.

I’ll just have a few.

Who wants another?


This was my mind on Friday night. It was my 40th day sober, and my friends birthday. I knew it was over when I took that first shot.

I felt like shit waking up on my friends couch, unaware of where I was, or what happened the night before. Classic.

My first thought was “round two, tonight.” Classic.

It’s Sunday now, and I’m glad I didn’t go down that route, but I’m not glad to be starting again, at day 1. …

“Both sides are bad,” the phrase echoed by those unable to justify their awful position on a political candidate or party. Most people that say this don’t even believe it. It’s an easy cop out for an ignorant decision. It gets people out of explaining or defending their side. It’s whataboutism in it’s worst form.

Every time I hear this argument I can guess with almost complete accuracy which party the person supports. It’s the party thats talking points consist of conspiracy theories and who’s policies have never supported the working class. Every time I hear this “argument” I can…

A duo gives a presentation to a crowd
A duo gives a presentation to a crowd

This week I took a few hours out of my day to listen to some friends and acquaintances pitch startups. They’re participating in a challenge to get some funding for their companies, and they wanted some feedback. I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to listening to these pitches, because I was busy myself. Little did I know I would spend a few hours listening, and critiquing them meticulously by the end of it all. I fell in love with listening and questioning it all. I can’t lie, I felt a bit like Mark Cuban on Shark Tank, without the money. …


“A Genius” — Mark Cuban, not about me but like he’s definitely said that before (probably).

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