As much as I wish this was true, I'm not sure it is. Everytime we step back and say, "this was too far, surely this is the end," we're surprised when it isn't. It seems we're waiting for republicans to save us - the same republicans who empowered this. The likes of Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, and the Trump's are here to stay. The only real (short-term) hope in my mind is if they were to break the Republican party into two - ensuring they both lose.

Like you said, even if this is the end of Trump (I don't believe it is), his ideas remain and I think that's the place to begin. The horror of this ideology will remain until it no longer exists. With the right wing media machine, that won't happen for generations - if at all. Education and social support is somewhere to start, but won't solve our problems in the near-term.

“A Genius” — Mark Cuban, not about me but like he’s definitely said that before (probably).

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